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(Mostly) Leaving LJ
Rose in the rain
With many of the changes LJ has been making recently, it is no longer a site that I wish to support. As such, I am moving to Dreamwidth - my journal there is [personal profile] blue_rampion (surprise surprise), and everyone here is welcome to go and add me over there!

As I am a mod of animorphs, I won't be shutting down this journal entirely. I love that community too much, and the people there are worth all of the crap that LJ might throw at us. So I'll still be around there - just no where else. (It looks like both of my rp games will probably be moving, so I'll no longer be rping on LJ either.)

And for those who are interested in my graphics, my graphics journal cindergraphics has also been moved to both Dreamwidth and InsaneJournal.

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*reads that Blue is leaving*


*actually reads post contents*

Oh good. You scared me. :P Dear Lord LJ looks weird now.

Nuuu I am not leaving the anicomm! It is way too awesome for me to do that :P maybe I should add in BUT NOT THE ANICOMM into the subject or something, fff

And yes, to say that I am...not happy with LJ's recent changes (and the attitude and behavior of the senior management) would be an understatement :|

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