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Merlin: A List of Magic Performed
Because I clearly have nothing better to do with my time, I've made a list of all the instances of magic being used in the BBC's Merlin. (I've also written up an Analysis of Magic, which I plan to post soonish.) Items are organised by the following:

For the most part, I've tried to group spells together - for example, anything that involves moving an object is classified as "Telekinesis", regardless of what is being moved. A particular kind of spell may have two listings under a caster if it's used both with and without incantations.

Please note that this is by no means a definitive list - some spells were tricky to classify, and sometimes it was particularly difficult to identify just exactly what a spell was meant to do. It's also entirely possible that I have missed some instances of magic use. It also contains spoilers for Seasons 1-3 of Merlin.

  • Calm scorpions [unknown, S2E3]

  • Summon Manticore (box) [incantation, S3E9]

  • Kill [incantation, S2E11]
  • Unlocking [incantation, S2E11(x2)]

  • Manipulate vines [incantation, S1E11]
  • Teleportation [no incantation, S1E11(xlots)]

  • Exchange soul of mortal prince for immortality [incantation, S1E7]
  • Lightning (staff) [incantation, S1E7(x2)]
  • Summon Sidhe / Gates of Avalon (with staff) [incantation, S1E7]

  • Healing spell [incantation, S2E13]

  • Earth - cave in [no incantation, S2E5]
  • Love spell (jewel & blood) [incantation, S1E5]
  • Make things go rotten (breath) [no incantation S2E5, S2E6]

Cornelius Sigan
  • Animate & control gargoyles [incantation, S2E1]
  • Possess people (stone thingy) [no incantation, S2E1]

  • Telekinesis [incantation, S1E8(x2)]

Druid Leader
  • Telepathy [no incantation, S3E12]

Edwin Muirden
  • Command magic bugs & bring them to life [incantation, S1E6(x2)]
  • Command magic bugs & put them to sleep [incantation, S1E6(x2)]
  • Fire [incantation, S1E6]
  • Fire [no incantation, S1E6]
  • Telekinesis [incantation, S1E6(x3)]
  • Telekinesis [no incantation, S1E6]

  • Destroy manticore box [incantation, S3E9]
  • Strengthen remedy [incantation, S1E4]
  • Telekinesis [incantation, S3E13]

  • Cauterise/heal wound (ring) [incantation, S3E11]
  • Heat (ring) [no incantation, S3E11]
  • Telekinesis (ring) [no incantation, S3E11(x6)]

  • Enchant donkey ears [no incantation, S3E3]
  • Make people flatulent (potion) [no incantation, S3E3(xMany)]
  • Possession [no incantation, S3E3]
  • Remove hair [unknown, S3E3]
  • Shrink into flying...thing [no incantation, S3E3(x2)]
  • Telekinesis [no incantation, S3E3(x2)]

  • Transform sword into flowers [no incantation, S3E8]

  • Blast door [incantation, S3E6]
  • Slow time? [no incantation, S3E6]
  • Summon Sidhe [incantation, S3E6]
  • Transform [no incantation, S3E6]
  • Unlocking [incantation, S3E6(failed x2)]

  • Transformation potion [incantation, S1E5]

Mary Collins
  • Induce sleep (with cobwebs. for some reason.) [song, S1E1]
  • Killing (touch possibly required?) [no incantation (possibly humming), S1E1]
  • Heart attack (?) (voodoo doll) [incantation, S1E1]
  • Taking on another person's appearance (amulet) [incantation, S1E1]
  • Teleportation [incantation, S1E1]

Merchant 1
  • Setting owner of the snake shield (?) [incantation, S1E1]

Merchant 2
  • Enchant crystals to let wearer take form of whoever's blood they touch [incantation, S3E4]

  • Ageing spell (potion) [incantation, S3E10]
  • Animate a statue/painting [incantation, S1E2(x2)]
  • Attempts to use water of Avalon [incantation, S3E13(unsuccessful x3)]
  • Blow up something [incantation, S2E1]
  • Breaking chains [incantation, S2E4, S2E9, S3E1(failed)]
  • Breaking chains [no incantation, S1E1]
  • Break animate dead enchantment (cut rowan staff) [incantation, S3E2]
  • Break material/rope [incantation, S2E2, S2E4, S3E7]
  • Break material/rope [no incantation, S3E4]
  • Break window [no incantation, S3E5]
  • Breaking tree branches [incantation, S1E7]
  • Bust door open [incantation, S2E1, S2E3]
  • Command magic bugs & bring them to life [incantation, S1E6]
  • Command magic bugs & put them to sleep [incantation, S1E6]
  • Command/summon dragon [incantation, S2E13, S3E1, S3E5, S3E11, S3E13]
  • Command wyverns [incantation, S3E8]
  • Conjure creature [incantation, S2E7]
  • Conjure objects [incantation, S2E7, S2E9]
  • Control snake [incantation, S3E7]
  • Create fog [incantation, S2E3]
  • Create storm [no incantation, S1E13]
  • Cure disease (poultice) [incantation, S1E3]
  • Drive back scorpions [incantation, S3E1]
  • Duplicate a document [incantation, S2E5]
  • Earth - break open fallen rocks [incantation, S2E5]
  • Earth - manipulate mud [no incantation, S2E11]
  • Earth - rock fall [incantation, S2E12, S3E2]
  • Enchant a weapon to kill magical creatures [incantation, S2E5, S1E13, S2E13(failed)]
  • Explode fire column thing [incantation, S3E7]
  • Find spell needed in book [no incantation, S1E13]
  • Fire [incantation, S1E9(x2), S1E10(x2), S2E3(x2), S2E8, S2E9(x2), S3E2, S3E10, S3E11, S3E12]
  • Fire [no incantation, S2E9(x2)]
  • Heal [incantation, S1E13(unsuccessful x2), S3E5(unsuccessful x2), S3E5 (dragon spell), S3E12(unsuccessful x2)]
  • Hearing magical voices [passive, S1E1(xlots), S1E8(xlots), S1E9, S2E3, S2E11(xlots)]
  • Heating [incantation, S1E10, S2E7, S2E9]
  • Keep another soul from possessing you [incantation, S2E1]
  • Kill rat [incantation, S1E11]
  • Light ball [incantation, S1E4]
  • Lightning (storm possibly required?) [no incantation]
  • Lightning (staff) [incantation, S1E7, S1E12(x2)]
  • Lightning (staff) [no incantation, S1E12, S3E6(x6)]
  • Lightning-fire thing [incantation, S1E13(x2)]
  • Locking [incantation, S2E6, S2E10, S3E6]
  • Make objects clean themselves [unknown, S1E2, S2E2]
  • Make sword stuck in sheild [no incantation, S3E11]
  • Magnetise metal [incantation, S3E1]
  • Manipulate/grow tree branch [no incantation, S2E11]
  • Put sword in stone [no incantation, S3E13]
  • Resistance to magic [passive, S1E7, S1E13]
  • Reveal true nature of an object [incantation, S2E5]
  • Reverse enchantments [unknown, S3E3]
  • Reverse love spell (failed) [incantation, S2E10]
  • Rip fabric [incantation, S3E3]
  • Scry the future (crystal of neahtid / crystal cave) [no incantation, S2E11, S3E5]
  • Sense magic [passive, SE01(?), S1E12(x3), S2E1, S3E2, S3E4, S3E6, S3E8, S3E13]
  • Shield [incantation, S1E13]
  • Sleep [incantation, S2E10]
  • Slowing down time (of an object or person) [no incantation, S1E1(x3), S1E7, S3E6(x2)]
  • Summon manticore (box) [incantation, S3E9]
  • Telekinesis [incantation, S1E2, S1E3, S1E6, S1E7, S1E8(x2), S1E13, S2E1, S2E3(x3), S2E4(x3), S2E5(x2), S2E6, S2E8, S2E9, S2E12, S3E3(x4), S3E4]
  • Telekinesis [no incantation, S1E1(x6), S1E3, S1E6, S1E13(x2), S2E1, S2E3, S2E6, S2E7, S2E9(x2), S2E9, S2E13(yell), S3E1(x3, yellx1), S3E4, S3E5, S3E7, S3E9, S3E10, S3E11, S3E12, S3E13(x2)]
  • Telepathy [no incantation, S1E8]
  • Transform sand into water [incantation, S1E11(failed)]
  • Unlocking [incantation, S1E2, S2E3, S2E6(x2), S2E7, S2E9(x2), S3E3]
  • Wake from sleep [incantation, S2E12(failed)]
  • Wind [incantation, S1E3, S1E10]
  • Wind - control smoke [incantation, S2E7]

  • Break glass [no incantation, S1E8]
  • Telekinesis [no incantation (yell), S2E3]
  • Telekinesis [no incantation, S2E11]
  • Telepathy [no incantation, S1E8(xlots), S2E3, S2E11]

  • Animate skeletons (rowan staff) [no incantation, S3E2]
  • Break window [no incantation, S2E3, S3E13]
  • Drain life force (eye of phoenix, burning ashes of likeness) [no incantation, S3E8]
  • Dreaming the future [passive, S1E7(x2), S2E1, S3E10]
  • Explode glass [no incantation, S2E3]
  • Fire [no incantation, S2E3(x3), S3E8]
  • Telekinesis [no incantation, S3E5]

  • Bring good sleep (with bracelet) [incantation, S2E8]
  • Command immortal warriors [incantation, S3E12]
  • Enchant chains [incantation, S3E1]
  • Enchant horse [no incantation, S2E8]
  • Enchant tracking rind [incantation, S3E7]
  • Fire [no incantation, S3E10]
  • Fire column [no incantation, S3E7]
  • Induce madness (tears, mandrake root, mud) [incantation, S3E1]
  • Light fire of Idirsholas & awaken knights of Medea [incantation, S2E12]
  • Make army immortal (cup of life, blood of men) [incantation, S3E12]
  • Reverse spell [incantation, S2E12]
  • Scrying (crystal) [incantation, S2E8(x2)]
  • Scrying (crystal) [unknown, S3E1, S3E2]
  • Sense magic [passive, S3E2(?)]
  • Sleep [no incantation, S2E12]
  • Sleep (with living source, affects large area) [incantation, S2E12]
  • Summon spirit of the dead [incantation, S2E8]
  • Telekinesis [no incantation, S3E1, S3E12, S3E13]
  • Teleportation [incantation, S2E12]
  • Track person (potion) [incantation, S3E13(x2)]

  • Awaken a wraith [incantation, S1E9]
  • Block magical attack [passive(?), S1E13]
  • Collapsing rocks [incantation, S1E4]
  • Create a life (must also take a life) [unknown, pre-canon]
  • Create storm [incantation, S1E13]
  • Creating the afanc egg [incantation, S1E3]
  • Fireball [incantation, S1E13(x2)]
  • Kill [incantation, S1E13]
  • Scrying (in water) [incantation, S1E3, S1E4]
  • Teleportation [no incantation, S1E9]
  • Unlocking [incantation, S1E4]

Sidhe Elder
  • Create Changeling [incantation, S3E6]
  • Lightning (with staff) [no incantation, S3E6(x2)]

  • Love spell [incantation, S1E7(x2)]

  • Heal [incantation, S3E5]

  • Turn lead into gold (stone) [incantation, S1E12]

  • Conjure butterflies [no incantation, S2E10]
  • Fire (?) [no incantation, S2E10]
  • Love spell (eyedrops, made from hair of person to fall for) [incantation, S2E10(x2)]
  • Telekinesis [incantation, S2E10]


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